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Cast: Debra Baker, Adam Brown, Sophie Ellerby, Alice Franklin, Scott Hazell and John Pickard

Creative: Daniel Andersen (Writer), Melanie Spencer (Director), Tom Paris (Set Design), Katherine Graham (Lighting Design), Tom Hackley (Sound Design) and Alice Woodward (Costume Design).

It’s Christmas 2011 in the City, height of the financial crisis. A bad time for bankers; a worse time for the poor and vulnerable. But the person who’s having the absolute worst day of her life is small-time businesswoman Donna Saxon of Saxon Court Financial Recruitment-to-Recruitment Services. Her useless staff seem blissfully unaware that the company is about to go under. In fact they’re more interested in starting the office party. One of them will have to be fired.

SAXON COURT ws generously supported by Arts Council England, Unity Theatre Trust, Cognisess, HAVE Sound and Old Vic New Voices